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Act out cops 'n robbers or cowboys and indians with our range of toy guns.
Test your skill by firing at a target with our range of spud gun, rubber band gun or with our bow and arrow set.

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Retro Zapster Disc Shooting Gun Retro Zapster Disc Shooting Gun

Retro Zapster ray gun.A retro toy gun that fires foam disks. This disc shooter gun comes with 48 foam disks to shot.…

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Rubber Band Gun Rubber Band Gun

Smart polished solid wood multi - shot pistol which fires rubber bands.Provides light entertainment for a wide age-range.Includes target.…

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SWAT Spud Gun Red or Blue SWAT Spud Gun Red or Blue

This metal potato gun works effectively firing potato pieces, caps and rubber pellets and can even fire a small amount of water.Available in Red or Blue. Colour picked at random. …

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Traditional pop pop Gun Traditional pop pop Gun

This is an excellent high quality traditional wooden toy pop-gun that fires a cork when the plunger handle is firmly pushed in.The pop gun is made from solid wood and it attractive…

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