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Learn through educational play. With our range of educational toys, you can discover the power of magnetism, gryoscopic forces, electricity, solar power, kinetic energy and other scientific principles.
Learn about the solar system, volcanos and nature by getting involved 'hands-on' with our fun range of educational kits.

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Shrimp Aqaurium Shrimp Aqaurium

Hatch your own pet shrimps.Learn about and care for your own shrimp pets.…

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Snail Calendar Blocks Snail Calendar Blocks

Wooden Snail desktop calendar.A fun wooden calendar to help children learn the date.…

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Stone Polishing Kit Stone Polishing Kit

Gem stone polishing kit with 3 stones.Using a selection of files and sand paper these rocks in there natural state can be transformed in to shiny gems. The tools can then be reused…

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Strap on LED Finger Lights Strap on LED Finger Lights

Set of four electronic strap on LED fingers.Four different coloured LED torches that strap onto your fingers. The set includes white, red, green and blue LEDs that produce beams of…

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The Mad Scientist Kit The Mad Scientist Kit

The mad scientist experiment kit.A science experiment kit that will both educate and disgust. Make a model heart and learn how it works or make a fake poo to trick your friends. Al…

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Traditional School Desk Top Globe Traditional School Desk Top Globe

Traditional desk top globe.A complete map of the world on a globe that sits on a plastic stand.…

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Wooly Willie Wooly Willie

Iron filings encapsulated under plastic are coaxed with the magnet-tipped wand into appropriate positions to form facial features on Willy's bald face and pate.Many different faces…

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Running with Search Engine Friendly Mod 5.6