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Choose from a great range of practical jokes for the wicked side in you, or amaze your friends with some spectacular magic tricks.

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Vampire Blood Vampire Blood

Imitation blood for use on skin for gory wound effects.No Vampire costume can be without this vampire blood.A bottle of fake blood for practical jokes and halloween.…

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Water Squirting Calculator Trick Water Squirting Calculator Trick

A squirting calculator practical joke.Fill this joke calculator with water to squirt it at your victim.…

Whoopee Cushion Whoopee Cushion

An old classic practical joke whose popularity never wanes.Loud and rude noises are emitted when sat upon.…

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Wind Up Chattering Teeth Wind Up Chattering Teeth

A classic clockwork toy.The set of false teeth chatter noisily and repeatedly when wound.A fearsome set of novelty gnashers!…

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