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Traditional Toys - Well you could easily argue that all of our toys are traditional, and you would be right! Here is a selection of our finest traditional and classic toys.
Real toys! - Toys that don't need batteries! Good old fashioned toys that have stood the test of time; puppets, jacobs ladders, spinning tops, teasets, hobby horses, clockwork toys marbles and more.

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Classic LED Yo Yo Classic LED Yo Yo

Classic red plastic light up yo yo.This classic yo yo is weighted and has a built in clutch so that you can use it to perform stunts and tricks. As the yo yo spins the LEDs light u…

Clockwork Christmas Figure Clockwork Christmas Figure

Cheerful clockwork Christmas wind up toy that plods along merrily when wound up.Choose from Father Christmas, or snowman design.…

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Colourful Tin Kaleidoscope Colourful Tin Kaleidoscope

Colourful tin kaleidoscope.Turning the end of the kaleidoscope will mix the beads and change the image that you see when you look through it.…

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Cow Space Hopper Cow Space Hopper

A hilarious version of a space hopper.Bounce around on this inflatable cow.This cow bouncy hopper is tough and durable.Simply hold onto his horns and bounce away.…

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Diecast Train Diecast Train

A diecast traditional toy steam train with plastic parts.Currently available in red, green or bluePush a button on the top of this 6 inch classic train & hear train, track, &am…

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Doctors Bag and Accessories Doctors Bag and Accessories

A wipe clean red carry case containing 8 different doctors tools.This retro plastic doctors set for role-play as doctors and nurses.There is even a space for the young doctor to wr…

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Dotty Tea Set in a Basket Dotty Tea Set in a Basket

A red picnic basket filled with an 18 piece polka dot tin tea set.This durable metal tea set can be stored away easily in the wicker basket and carried along on picnics and adventu…

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Duck on Trike Duck on Trike

Clockwork tin duck on a tricycle.The tin propellers on his head spin as he rides along on his bike.…

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Dumbo A3 Tin Sign Dumbo A3 Tin Sign

Disney's Dumbo Tin sign. Add a touch of nostalgia to your home with this metal sign, which uses the original 1941 film poster.Pre drilled hole in each corner.…

Fairy Musical Jewellery Box Fairy Musical Jewellery Box

A wooden musical box decorated with a fairy and flowers.The box has metal parts and a fabric lining with a mirror inside the lid.The clockwork movement activates both the music and…

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Farm Animals Farm Animals

A bag full of solid plastic farm animals.An ideal addition to any farm set, or companion to your dolls house.…

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Felt Food Sandwich Making Set Felt Food Sandwich Making Set

A 33 piece assortment of felt food to build sandwiches from Melissa and Doug.Toddlers will love creating there own sandwiches from the choice felt breads, meats, vegetables and con…

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Flower Woven Basket Flower Woven Basket

A woven shopping basket for girls.This flower design shopping basket is woven out of corn husks and has a gingham fabric lining.…

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Foam Pirate Cutlass Foam Pirate Cutlass

A EVA soft foam pirate's Cutlass.This foam sword is by far our favourite, not only does it complete a pirates fancy dress costume but it makes a play sword fight pain free.…

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Foam Sword Foam Sword

Flexible foam sword.A soft foam sword for play fights and fancy dress.…

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French Skipping French Skipping

French skipping elastic.A classic playground skipping game. Two people stand at each end of the elastic with it looped around their ankles, a third person then jumps over it while …

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Giant 42mm Panamerican Marble Giant 42mm Panamerican Marble

A white giant sized marble with multi coloured swirls.…

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Green Toys Scoop Truck Green Toys Scoop Truck

Green Toys digger made from 100% recycled plastic.This toy truck comes with a character to drive it. Children could even use this digger in the sand pit using the scoop to move san…

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Indoor Sparklers Indoor Sparklers

A plastic tube containing ten miniature sparklers.These mini sparklers are just 9 cm long, and are commonly used for jazzing up desserts.Warning - this is not a toy! Customer must …

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Jack in a Box Jack in a Box

A large and beautifully illustrated traditional metal Jack-in-the-Box toy containing a colourful fabric clown.The handle is turned to play Pop Goes the Weasle, at the conclusion of…

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