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Clown Cone Puppet

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Clown Cone Puppet
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Clown Cone Puppet Information

A colourful pop-up clown puppet with a wooden head and a brigtly coloured fabric covered cone.

The pop-up action makes the clown puppet play peek-a-boo.

Puppet design may vary. Height 25 cm.

Price: £2.50

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Customer Reviews

Leonie Duttenhofer
I have a small parrot 'Lorey' who is a very lonely parrot during the time I am at work. I have bought him numerous, very expensive toys from the pet shop - but he has never shown any interest in any of them. Ever since the day I introduced him to the 'wooden, pop-up clown', his life changed from an unplayful parrot, to a parrot who just doesn't have enough time in the day to play with his beloved clown. It is a fantastic toy. Maybe it's all the different colors and bells that he loves. The fact that the body is wooden poses no danger as the plastic toys do (there are no plastic parts that he can accidently swallow) - I highly recommend to any parrot owners!!

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