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Wonderful for role play and puppet shows, we have a wide selection of glove puppets, finger puppets, animal puppets and marionette puppets.

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Clown Cone Puppet Clown Cone Puppet

A colourful pop-up clown puppet with a wooden head and a brigtly coloured fabric covered cone.The pop-up action makes the clown puppet play peek-a-boo.…

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Crocodile Hand Puppet Crocodile Hand Puppet

A crocodile character glove puppet made from cotton.Perfect for acting out your favourite fairytale adventures.…

Fabric Puppet Theatre Fabric Puppet Theatre

A red fabric theatre that can be hung up to put on performances with all your hand-puppets.Get your glove puppets ready, pull back the curtains and then begin.At the back of the pu…

Finger Fright Puppet Finger Fright Puppet

A rubbery little creature to put on the end of your finger.A childhood classic.There are wide variations in the design, colour and facial expressions so you can collect all the dif…

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Fuzzy Wugg Monster Hand Puppet Fuzzy Wugg Monster Hand Puppet

Pink Fuzzy Wugg monster hand puppet.A crazy monster hand puppet with lots of pink fluffy hair from Manhattan Toy. This girl puppet has colourful braids and a ribbon in her hair. Ma…

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Knitted Christmas Finger Puppet Knitted Christmas Finger Puppet

A knitted Christmas finger puppet in one of the festive designs available.…

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Make Your Own Monster Puppet Make Your Own Monster Puppet

A make your own furry monster kit in a carry case from Melissa and Doug.This hand puppet making set contains various wacky monster parts so you can create weird and wonderful creat…

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Ostrich Marionette Ostrich Marionette

Ostrich wooden marionette puppet.…

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Set of Three Wild Animal Hand Puppets Set of Three Wild Animal Hand Puppets

This whole set of 3 soft wild animal hand puppets contains an elephant, giraffe, and a lion.…

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Wild Animal Hand Puppet Wild Animal Hand Puppet

A soft animal hand puppet.3 x different animals to collect, a lion, an elephant and a giraffe.Perfect for acting out those jungle adventures.…

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Wooden Dragon Marionette Puppet Wooden Dragon Marionette Puppet

Goki wooden dragon marionette puppet.Make this dragon puppet move by manipulating its strings.…

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Wooden Table Top Puppet Theatre Wooden Table Top Puppet Theatre

A colourful wooden puppet theatre for imaginative play with finger puppets.This slot together wooden puppet theatre is the perfect stage for little performers and the finger puppet…

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