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Endless Landscape (myriorama)

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/Discontinued/Endless Landscape (myriorama)
Endless Landscape (myriorama)
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Endless Landscape (myriorama) Information

Myriorama is a picture whose parts can be arranged in an almost infinite number of combinations to portray different scenes.

Ours is based on one originating in Leipzig in the 1830s.

There are twenty-four sturdy cards each showing part of a panoramic view.

In whichever order they are placed, the result is a harmonious and continuous landscape.

Endless Landscape

Not suitable for children under 3

Price: £2.99

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Customer Reviews

Lionel H
A charming and beautiful thing! These are far more fun than flick-books, and yet less well-known, which is a pity. This example is nicely drawn, full of rather quaint old-fashioned people getting up to everything (nearly), and well printed.

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Myriorama Cards - Discontinued
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