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Pack of 10 Animal Stamps

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Pack of 10 Animal Stamps

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Pack of 10 Animal Stamps Information

A set of 10 self inking animals stamps.

You will receive 1 of each of the following animal stamps;

Chick, duck, mouse, bear, dog, rabbit, cat, frog, sheep and penguin.


  • 1 x Chick Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Duck Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Mouse Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Bear Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Dog Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Rabbit Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Cat Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Frog Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Sheep Animal Stamp
  • 1 x Penguin Animal Stamp

Price: £7.50

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